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My comment was rejected by Yahoo


Which is fine.

It was off topic for an article that covered some aspect of Governor Meatball’s failing campaign, so I thought I’d write something that voters might actually be interested in, since – whether he realizes it or not – nobody really cares about his failed campaign or his state being a graveyard for kindness and understanding.

The subject I chose was this silly boilerplate text we keep seeing from news stories that were written, possibly, by entities who still think Twitter by any other name might still be a thing it is not.

Lately we are seeing a lot of “So and so wrote…” followed by words that amount to ” on Twitter, currently trying to rebrand as ‘X.’ ” For whatever stupid and crazy reason Musk the imbecile is giving for what, ultimately, will cripple the forum that is Twitter (Because “X” is a letter, not a name) we now have the explanation cropping up like so many medical “May cause death or other unwanted side effects” disclaimers. It is annoying and futile and pointless. Anyone with any sense will continue to call it Twitter, while the press gingerly pussyfoot around the enfant terrible money owner and call it, very carefully, “X” while then still following that with the necessary and awkward “… formerly known as Twitter” because it is STILL KNOWN as Twitter because that is what it is and only copy writers who do not pay attention to the news they write, and Elon Musk, don’t know that.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYone else gets that.

Lost my mind this morning and FTFY, world. You are welcome. Unfortunately, the yahoos at Yahoo News decided that I had violated some sort of sense of decorum or netiquette and disallowed it. I think this needs to be repeated on every story mentioning Twitter as “X” in every place that comments are accepted.

But, not Twitter. I cancelled that account back when Elon was just a billionaire with an attitude issue and a poor sense of how to run a business. Or do it on Twitter, too. That’s fine.

Go forth, and do good.

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