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21 September 2022
by admin

Legendary Friend of the Queen

Donald T**** – who may have been invited to the recent funeral of the Queen of England, but likely was not, has gone on record with regards seating at the event.

I would have gotten a much better seat than actual-President Joe Biden had, he is reported to have said.

You can’t help wondering how, given that he wasn’t probably invited, has no clue about what seating arrangements are about at a state funeral, and likely will soon, if he hasn’t already, say that he “didn’t wanna git invited to her dumb funeral, anyway!” – as he wipes away a tear while trying to wipe away the hurt experienced by a man who is not loved by anyone or anything.

15 September 2022
by admin

Mike Lindell: Free Advice

I hear you lost your phone. FBI “Raid” or, more likely, investigation. You should have seen this coming, but honestly, it is easy to lose your phone to any number of things.

How to cope? Modern technology.

I presume you have a computer. Learn how to back up your phone to your computer, then do it. Do it often. Back it up every week at a minimum. Daily would be better, in the sense that it is what Mr. Smart Guy would do.

If you do that, then next time you are strip searched at Hardee’s you can get a replacement phone and restore the contents from your back up. This will allow you to then carry on with whatever insurrection and/or grift you are involved in, with a minimum of interruption to your criminal lifestyle.

15 May 2018
by admin

Hi! Thanks for visiting.

As you may notice, there is currently nothing here.

Sorry about that.

More will follow, but right now I am trying to wrap my head around the relatively recent election results of November 2016 so — now that three years that seem like ninety have passed, perhaps I can start writing something down, or up, here, sometime soon.