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7 March 2024
by admin

I Think This is What Mary Trump Meant to Say

Donald will inevitably clinch the Republican nomination, but the media ignored key exit data that shows a clear path to Donald LOSING in 2024. It’s game on. Read below. 

Lessons of Super Tuesday

At first glance, seeing a twice-impeached, 91-count-criminal-indicted defendant, who’s been found liable for fraud and RAPE become the de-facto Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States is horrifying.

As disturbing as this graphic is, it gets worse.

Before Super Tuesday polls even opened, I was greeted with this headline from The Washington Post’s, “The Early 202” in my inbox yesterday morning: Super Tuesday Caps a Strong Political Week for Trump,” which is not how I wanted to start my day.

The degree to which Donald’s criminality, alleged and actual, authoritarianism, bigotry, and unfitness (both characterological and temperamental) all continue to be normalized by a weak, complacent, and, in some cases complicit media. It surpasses belief.

The idea that Donald could win a single vote, let alone an election, is almost too much to bear.

However, the exit data show something promising – how WEAK Donald will be in the general.

When I hear what some Republican voters are actually saying, I feel hope – not because we know anything with certainty, but because a path to defeat Donald is clearly emerging.

Inspiring data – Donald’s Nikki Haley headache

No one can or should spin the fact that Donald commands a hefty lead of support with Republican voters. Considering the state of the Republican party, there are no surprises here.

Nikki Haley was never going to win the primary, but what she accomplished was perhaps even more important. She helped to cultivate a significant and growing electorate — Never-Trump Republicans. These voters include:

  • Republicans who never supported Donald
  • Republicans who previously voted for Donald, but are now waking up

The second group provides the biggest chance for coalition-building in 2024. One of the reasons we know this is a real possibility is because these voters are engaged.

Take this Haley voter who gave the best reason for switching from Donald to Haley — “because the man is a lunatic.”

When this voter was asked what she will do in the general election, when there is a binary choice between Donald and Biden, she said, “I don’t know. It will be a hard decision.”

This is the audience we must reach: the swing voters who need to hear just how much better Biden is than the “lunatic.

There are many people like her in key swing states and it’s telling that Haley performed best in the states that are the most important for Democrats to win like Virginia and Colorado where she pulled in over 33% of the vote.

This phenomenon goes beyond anecdotal evidence.

Exit data were horrible for Donald

Let’s take a deeper look at some more numbers.

Consider CNN’s exit poll data, which Manu Raja called a “warning sign” for Donald in the general election. In North Carolina, a state that is a much better representation of the country than some of the other deep red states:

  • A significant 66% percent of Haley voters said Donald is not physically or mentally fit to be president.
  • A vast majority, 81% of Haley voters, said they’re not an automatic vote for Donald.

According to ABC News, In Virginia, a plurality of Haley voters said they approved of the job Joe Biden was doing as president. In North Carolina, the number was 50%.

Haley voters have much more in common with Biden voters

The candidate who captures more of Haley’s voters will have the easiest path to victory in the general election.

And if you are looking for more encouragement, check out the priorities of these voters:

According to ABC News

  • 76% of Haley voters oppose a federal abortion ban
  • 60% support a chance for most undocumented immigrants to apply for legal status.

While 59% of Donald’s voters say they are “angry about the way things are going in this country,” only 21% of Haley’s voters feel that way.

These people need to hear just how much they have in common with Democrats, and just how determined Donald Trump is to derail progress on the issues they claim to care about while destroying everything they claim to value.

We just need to reach them.

Because, as Bob Cesca of The Bob Cesca Showsays, Donald always makes things worse for Donald, the leader of the Republican Party is giving us a head start.

Donald insulted Haley’s voters… then tried to bully them into voting for him

Before Super Tuesday, Donald made his stance on Haley donors crystal clear (while calling Haley a “birdbrain” in the process).

“Anybody that makes a ‘contribution’ to Birdbrain [Haley], from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp,” Donald wrote on Truth Social. “We don’t want them, and will not accept them.”

After Super Tuesday, Donald wrote again on Truth Social, “Much of [Haley’s] money came from Radical Left Democrats, as did many of her voters, almost 50%, according to the polls.”

It’s now up to us to remind these voters what Donald really thinks of them, and how unwelcome they will be in their own party—every chance we get.

The path is clear

In the eight months between now and Election Day, we need to pull out all of the stops in order to ensure that Donald loses, we dominate in the House, and win a meaningful majority in the Senate this November.

The corporate media has proven they either can’t or won’t report accurately on the existential threat Donald and the Republican Party pose to the American Experiment or tell the full story of his worsening mental decline. They refuse to focus on Donald’s increasingly fascistic rhetoric, his clearly stated authoritarian plans for a second, and the collection of vicious sycophants (e.g. Stephen Miller) upon whom he plans to bestow real power.

People like me, who have platforms, have to do everything in our power to fill that void.

It’s go time

My goal is to find as many ways as possible to

  • Win over swing voters
  • Win over former Haley voters
  • Get our friends and family to the polls (especially those who usually sit out elections)
  • Wake up even more Republicans currently lukewarm on Donald (and make sure they have to facts they need to make the right choice)
  • Amplify progressive voices

Thanks to your incredible support, The Good in Us is becoming an increasingly strong platform from which to accomplish all of this — and more.

And with your continued engagement, I can spend as many hours a day as possible to make sure Donald never possesses real power again and the Republican Party becomes hobbled, a toothless minority party.


Ramping up our efforts worked in 2020. It’s even more urgent now. We need to go even bigger.

America remains on a knife’s edge between democracy and fascism. There is too much at stake to pretend otherwise.

Scores of studies show citizens need to feel hopeful their candidate can win the election in order to turnout — and I am determined to convince voters with hard hitting facts, that Donald can, and will be held accountable in the courts of law and at the polls.

I currently have 190,265 free subscribers. If just 5% chipped in for a membership at the price of a small coffee, I could reach even more voters with the hope and inspiration we need to save our democracy. 

<a href=”” > Subscribing to Mary Trump’s Substack is highly recommended and inexpensive.</a></p>

People in glass houses, as they say, will often throw stones despite the consequences, so here we are. It’s been a minute since I tried writing any HTML and this simple link clearly is beyond me now, but the link is working, if not pretty, so subscribe if you can. Dingleberry Jones’ niece is working to help liberate good people from a bad situation, and deserves all the support we can muster.

Register to vote, then vote every chance you get.


30 August 2023
by admin

My comment was rejected by Yahoo

Which is fine.

It was off topic for an article that covered some aspect of Governor Meatball’s failing campaign, so I thought I’d write something that voters might actually be interested in, since – whether he realizes it or not – nobody really cares about his failed campaign or his state being a graveyard for kindness and understanding.

The subject I chose was this silly boilerplate text we keep seeing from news stories that were written, possibly, by entities who still think Twitter by any other name might still be a thing it is not.

Lately we are seeing a lot of “So and so wrote…” followed by words that amount to ” on Twitter, currently trying to rebrand as ‘X.’ ” For whatever stupid and crazy reason Musk the imbecile is giving for what, ultimately, will cripple the forum that is Twitter (Because “X” is a letter, not a name) we now have the explanation cropping up like so many medical “May cause death or other unwanted side effects” disclaimers. It is annoying and futile and pointless. Anyone with any sense will continue to call it Twitter, while the press gingerly pussyfoot around the enfant terrible money owner and call it, very carefully, “X” while then still following that with the necessary and awkward “… formerly known as Twitter” because it is STILL KNOWN as Twitter because that is what it is and only copy writers who do not pay attention to the news they write, and Elon Musk, don’t know that.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYone else gets that.

Lost my mind this morning and FTFY, world. You are welcome. Unfortunately, the yahoos at Yahoo News decided that I had violated some sort of sense of decorum or netiquette and disallowed it. I think this needs to be repeated on every story mentioning Twitter as “X” in every place that comments are accepted.

But, not Twitter. I cancelled that account back when Elon was just a billionaire with an attitude issue and a poor sense of how to run a business. Or do it on Twitter, too. That’s fine.

Go forth, and do good.

21 September 2022
by admin

Legendary Friend of the Queen

Donald T**** – who may have been invited to the recent funeral of the Queen of England, but likely was not, has gone on record with regards seating at the event.

I would have gotten a much better seat than actual-President Joe Biden had, he is reported to have said.

You can’t help wondering how, given that he wasn’t probably invited, has no clue about what seating arrangements are about at a state funeral, and likely will soon, if he hasn’t already, say that he “didn’t wanna git invited to her dumb funeral, anyway!” – as he wipes away a tear while trying to wipe away the hurt experienced by a man who is not loved by anyone or anything.

15 September 2022
by admin

Mike Lindell: Free Advice

I hear you lost your phone. FBI “Raid” or, more likely, investigation. You should have seen this coming, but honestly, it is easy to lose your phone to any number of things.

How to cope? Modern technology.

I presume you have a computer. Learn how to back up your phone to your computer, then do it. Do it often. Back it up every week at a minimum. Daily would be better, in the sense that it is what Mr. Smart Guy would do.

If you do that, then next time you are strip searched at Hardee’s you can get a replacement phone and restore the contents from your back up. This will allow you to then carry on with whatever insurrection and/or grift you are involved in, with a minimum of interruption to your criminal lifestyle.

15 May 2018
by admin

Hi! Thanks for visiting.

As you may notice, there is currently nothing here.

Sorry about that.

More will follow, but right now I am trying to wrap my head around the relatively recent election results of November 2016 so — now that three years that seem like ninety have passed, perhaps I can start writing something down, or up, here, sometime soon.

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