Two Week (ish) Warning

In about two weeks I will delete all registered users who I deem to be “Likely Bots or Otherwise Exploitative.” This is a judgment I will make largely at my own whim.

If you are a hotmail user, well, that’s to your detriment. If you are registered with an obviously fake or fraudulent domain or user name (Mr. President, I am looking at YOU!) your registration as a user will disappear. Sorry, Cousin Barry, it’s a cold cruel world.

You will be welcomed back, should you choose to run the gauntlet now required for registration, but if you do not post something to register your sentience with mine, you will likely be booted again.

Good-bye, good luck and don’t let the firewall door hit you where your maker split you.

That is all, for now.

Attention Robots, and Others…

About a month ago I started noticing an alarming surge in user registrations.

There has been no corresponding surge in posts.

This makes me think the user registrations are actually robot users, and up to some nefarious scheme, and makes me want to respond with some sort of scorched earth policy based action.

For this reason, everything on this server will be deleted, beginning with users from known or suspected spam domains, beginning as soon as I get a major site overhaul completed, or some other future time tbd.

If you are a legitimate, human, reader and wish to remain a registered user, please post something soon, otherwise, you will be deleted. (Unless I actually know you, IRL)

I am specifically referring to those whose email address ends in, or or and other @*******s, depending on my mood on the day I begin doing that cleansing thing.

Please post on a thread here to avoid deletion, if you want to avoid deletion.

To be honest, I am not sure what the negative consequences of being deleted might be. So, I am not sure why you might be concerned about it. Of course, chances are most of the registered users are bots of one sort or another, so I am apologizing to software, consequently.

How like me.

Anyway, really no specific, set schedule for this yet, but I do have a local version of the site up and running under MAMP, so it is a work in progress.

More will be forthcoming as I know more.

The NRA Needs To Step Up

The Once Again Doubling Down Makes Me Want To Throw Up

Last week a truly sad event occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. You are conscious and pay attention, so I don’t need to review any more than the bare facts as known by most Americans who pay attention: This past Friday 14 December 2012, twenty children in elementary school went to their school to finger-paint, learn words and numbers and practice working and playing well with others. An individual who was roughly three times their age and size got up that morning, murdered his mother in her sleep and drove to their school, the Sandy Hook Elementary School. After he arrived there, he murdered six of the adults and all twenty of these children he found there before police started arriving and he took his own life. There were other kids who will arguably be worse off than the 20 dead children, but trying to figure out who is marginally better or worse off really misses the point. This recurring nightmare is a social problem and needs to be addressed at a societal level, and likely at all societal levels.

It’s been close to fifty years since I first became aware of a madness that takes hold of some in this world and turns them loose on random assortments of strangers, bent on killing as many as they can. A guy, somewhere in Texas climbed up to the top of the local clock tower and started picking off people with a high powered rifle. This seemed really weird, reprehensible and almost completely incomprehensible to me at the time. “How do you make that choice?” I wondered. What makes you decide to go to the local grade school and try to kill everyone you see? I do not know, but it is also reported that, roughly the same time, half a world away, a man in China was carrying out a similar act, attacking twenty three children. These two men had one thing in common. They were both round the bend. Mad as hatters. Sick.

The big difference is, China does not make guns easy to buy for the average citizen. Not that I’d want to live in China for any extended period. I prefer the politics of my native land, here in California. We recognize the sanctity of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, but we’re not whacked out about it. Some sensible gun regulation makes sense to many, possibly most, of us.

Not so, the NRA leadership. The National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre spent a week not saying anything to anyone visible, and then went on the national stage today and doubled down. No, he essentially said, regulating firearms isn’t the answer. The answer is a.) everyone from comic books to video games to the media and movie producers are to blame, and b.) the fix is a federally mandated force of armed guards in every school in this country. That sounds like a lot of new gun sales to me, and so this move is kind of predictable, if a bit disappointing.

A few days after the events of last Friday, I posted the following on my Facebook account.

I own several guns. I do not need the weaponry this latest sick f*** seems to have needed, and my government is well in line with what is expected of them. When they step outside those bounds, I vote them out, as do most of my countrymen and women.

I don’t expect a single law or a collection of laws to fix this problem in our nation, and I realize there are people who are hardcore gun enthusiasts and believe, among other things, that the rush of power associated with wielding a really big gun is constitutionally protected. I am not so certain, but screw it, that seems fine, or I am willing to cede the point, at any rate.

What I will not let go of is the simple truth that we make gun acquisition to easy here in the US. Yes, I get that guns don’t kill people, but people who tend to kill people are much more efficient when they do it with guns. There isn’t a valid argument for not making some strong common sense rules, backed by the full weight of state local and federal government, about how they are distributed.

It makes me sick that 20 children had to die to make the NRA STFU for a few days, but if they are smart, they are using this time to put together tough and sane regulatory suggestions that can keep us all safe from the next A$$h0Ie.

Forgive me if I am not holding my breath on that, but NRA, the next move, if you are at all smart, is yours, and you better be damned clever about it.
Well, sadly, my guess about their response was correct. They filed an EpicFail this morning. Consequently, I am not accepting that as their response, and am now putting them on notice.

The ball is still in your court, NRA. You need to go back to the drawing board, and come up with a less insane, workable policy that protects lives.

Good luck.